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An artistic dexterity with certain flamboyance and a series of idiosyncrasies having the efficacies to circumvent the powers of..leaving an austere and indelible imprints on the eternal brinks pouring from the pearly gates with uncompromising fervor lies in deep roots of the mps..

The halls of ivy having a flamboyance of grandiose and its own magnificence narrating its tale and saga about the endeavors of triumphant success with an efficacious semblance marked on the sands of cosmos. The alma mater feels exultant in proclaiming its victory stories of jubilance in a very florid style... the roads took forth were not so easy.... .the bond of togetherness along with certitude and conviction goaded the lyceum to the stature of myriad promenade with the such a magnum-opus light gleaming in the eyes setting the tone with recherch and a feel of euphoria.the ivory of wits has made it a customary and always reconciled with the quintessential beau ideals who have led the flags to the top-notch and culminating gazebo. In the formative and transcendent years mps has been a bystander to the rhapsody of verdant and burgeoning vernal acclimatizing with the blend of preeminent resplendency. The egress of sagacity; mps has embarked the milestone achievements by equipping with the prototypes urged to the epitome of success. The fraternity of the institution still relishes the taste of its brainery which carved out niche.

The eyes filled in with nostalgia captivating the reminiscent moments in their eyes and enduring them to their hearts pouring out their emotions with the keynote to roll over the evanescent memoirs left behind..!!

We walked solitary akin a bird that flies to carve the milestones with the deep sighs amidst dark woods the against the biggest imbroglios illuminating the most murky perambulates..that now glorifies!!

Set one heart on for frenzy and elation..!!

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